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DUC Renovation: Bowling, Bowling…Gone!

Here are our little momentos from the DUC Bowling Alley.  The smell of bowling shoes from the 70’s, the long familiar sounds of thunder on the ceiling every time a bowler drops the ball…school kids leaving their academic competitions to sneak up to the third floor for television, ping-pong and bowling…All of it–All of it, my friends, is over and gone.

Goodbye, Fourth Floor DUC!


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  1. Mary Anne Loftus Smith

    I spent many wonderful hours both working in the bowling alley, and bowling with friends. I have many good memories….sad to see it go.

  2. Umm… Wasn’t all of that on the 4th floor?

    • Yep, fourth floor is correct. I slipped because I am so used to referring to the third floor for our store location. However, we will be saying goodbye to both the third and fourth floor as we have known them. A moment of silence, please.


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