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 Get what’s good for the eating and the buying in town:

If You’re Going to be a BG Dweller and a Respected Kentuckian You Should Know:

–Warren County was named in honor of Dr. Joseph Warren, a hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

–Kentucky is the state where both Abraham Lincoln, President of the Union, and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, were born. They were born less than one hundred miles and one year apart.

–There used to be a log courthouse and jail where Fountain Square Park is now.

–Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest cave and was first promoted in 1816, making it the second oldest tourist attraction in the United States. Niagara Falls, New York is first.

–At the first county commissioners meeting in early 1798, the pioneers decided that the new town would be “called and known by the name of Bolin Green.” This name was after the Bowling Green Square in New York City, where patriots had pulled down a statue of King George III and used the lead to make bullets during the American Revolution.

–The radio was invented by a Kentuckian named Nathan B. Stubblefield of Murray in 1892. It was three years before Marconi made his claim to the invention.

–Just over 95 percent of all bourbon is distilled, aged and bottled right here in Kentucky.


                         Endless posts refuting the rather ridiculous notion that Bowling Green is “Boring” Green.  Ask us why we love it here…


Check out what Forbes is saying about Bowling Green:

 Want help creating your own Kentucky art? Click Here:


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  1. Check out the “wacky pizza” at Greener Groundz every Wednesday. It changes every week-don’t ever ask what it is. Make it a surprise.

  2. Shawna Cawthorn

    Definitely the Thai Pizza at Greener Groundz!

    • Long live the GG’s veggie pizza with white sauce!
      Also, check out Shake Rag Barbeque–pulled pork and corn cake that’ll make you want to slap yo mamma!

  3. Danielle Fleming

    You can’t go wrong with “Griffs”. It’s a simple deli, but it’s full of options!! The Chipotle chicken sandwich is usually my meal of choice!

  4. If you like Italian/Greek food, you may want to check out Geno’s Italian Deli. It is located a few stores to the left of Hobby Lobby. Their gyros and sandwiches are σπουδαίος! (That means awesome, or delicious…I think)

    • A Taste of Europe on the square serves a really good gyro too. Their tzatziki sauce makes it especially tasty!

  5. The Gallery Hop comes around several times a year…I believe the next one is in August. The Garden Patch in Smiths Grove is a very quaint setting–farm animals, lovely flowers, and cool antiques. Also, don’t forget the SKY Farmer’s Market–get your kids faces painted, hot breakfast under a tent, wine, meat, farm fresh eggs, homemade dog treats, endless veggies & flowers and sometimes live music.

  6. Vinos. Where the Happy Inn used to be (the intersection of Kentucky and Adams streets), except now there’s real atmosphere. Equally important – the windows and floor are clean (that must have taken at least a week). Excellent food and a full bar. Great place to trash talk your backwards relatives.

  7. This winter I bought a one of a kind vintage (quite warm) coat from Labold’s new place and some silver tinsel for my Christmas tree that was still in the old box stickered .44 cents. I love digging through the variety of things she has there. Last time I went, the basement was opened up for customers–tons of vintage bikes and antique sewing tables…Go see it all.


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