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Blanco’s Tunes

Blanco’s Tunes


There’s a little game some of us play at the store– it involves making up band names.  We get our inspiration from odd pictures, nonsensical conversation, or people watching.  Check out a few of our latest fake bands.

This photo of the nun was one we found on the cover of a book catalog.  She inspired the band name “Sister Orbis and the Man Hands”–her first album was “Nun Better”…


Another idea stemmed  from this desk ornament.  CG inspired the band name, “Monkey Bride” which we decided played  jungle metal.

What ideas can you add to the mix?

The WKU Store (Thanks to Pandora) tries to keep  the background music something worth listening to…but this is all a matter of opinion.  Check out some of the stations, bands and songs that our staff loves (or loves to hate) the most.

Banjo Bill plucks away a narrative of our hometown with class and style.  Best line, “We got a dog food mill…”

Nappy Roots’ rendition of My Old Kentucky Home

T-O-P-S–Tops!–Tops!–Tops! Wave that towel right proud-like.

The good ole Everly Brothers singin’ about Bowling Green…makes you want to be a
back-up singer!

Neko copy-cats the Everly Brothers in a fun new arrangement.

The Oak Ridge Boys singing  “Old Kentucky Song”–1982 was a good year.

The great Satchmo (called this because it was thought a satchel would fit in his mouth) croons about BG–we dug deep for this one!

John Prine makes all those Muhlenbergians proud as can be. To the Green River, anyone?


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  1. Duke Ellington is awesome on rainy days. Sunny Days beg for bluegrass–Old Crow, Gillian Welch or Mr. Skaggs.

    The station that I dislike most would have to be Dave Matthews. When “Crash” weasels its way onto every other station on Pandora, I want to crash the speakers (and I am not even a violent person).

  2. One day, there was a station that only played music that would make me want to cry. Let’s not do that again, please. ❤

    • Every time we try to be creative with the stations…”someone” sneaks into the office and switches it back to comfort-zone-Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers (which are good but predictable). If only we could leave it on a mix of Cajun, Monk Chants and the Ukulele Lady…a much better conversation prompt. 🙂


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