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Col. Blanco had his own story of Bowling Green and his own intrigues on “the hill” long before WKU was established.  His legendary adventures will soon be published.  Right now his manuscript is held up in editing with NutHouse Press.

Col. Blanco is the WKU Store’s mascot.  Every time you see a white squirrel on campus, perhaps you’ll think of the Colonel and think of the WKU Store.

The WKU Store is more than space filled with book shelves and rah-rah merchandise.   We are proud to be a part of Western Kentucky University.  It is a cool place to work, to shop and to visit because of the folks who run the place,  their ideas, their innovations, their hardwork, their community involvement, their artful eyes, their unique tastes and–most importantly– their objective to serve the customer with pleasure.  The WKU store continues to help make you, WKU (and enjoys every step of the process).  Thanks for your support to WKU and to the WKU Store!


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    • One of our great employees has this wonderful imagination and has an amusing story on Col. Blanco the White Squirrel’s history; however, it is not in print nor in the process of being published–perhaps one day! 🙂

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