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Name Game

The WKU Store employees have an amusing variety of nicknames.  How many places have you been to where you could meet people who answer to these Names?

Gnat (or Twig), Tommy Pickles (TP or just Pickles), Average Ashley or Trashly,Teen Wolf, Sammy-D, Wander, Hip Sisters (Individually: Hip-1 & Hip-2), Mr. Delicious, Cherry Pie, Normal Size, Lil’ Laurie, Lil’ Lee, Lil’ Hitler, Big Timmy, Super Jan, Froggy, Root Beer, Darnell or Sota, Donnie/Dannie/Dennie ( he answers to all), Alpha Ginger, Huffy McGoo, Scotty Pants, E-Ray, Double B,  Glo, Plastic Pamper Pants, J-Lo, Niblet or Sprout, Methenburg, Tree, B-O-B (Bee-Oh-Bee), and Curty (“Puttin’ the Curty in Customer Service”).

Natasha a.k.a. Huffy McGoo

Will a.k.a. Teen Wolf

Cheryl a.k.a. Hip-1 (of Hip Sisters)


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  1. I think there’s a Milhouse working there now.


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