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Name this Woman

Wow (the only thing left to say)

This  photo was found on the cover of a book catalog that came in the mail- the image seemed to fall under a category of: “Somewhere Between Enchanting, Disturbing & Hilarious”.  I wonder what your reactions are to this photo?  I also wonder what you would name her? 



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  1. This lady is an amusing combo of a turtle and Audrey Hepburn–I can’t tell if she’s going to stretch her weathered neck and snap at me or if she’s going to nibble on her breakfast in front of Tiffany’s. She definitely borrowed the glasses from Nancy Reagan. I think I’d name her Eloise, Wilma or Yertle.

  2. Well, upon my first look at the woman I jumped backwards, almost falling into a nearby waste receptacle. On my second look, however, I saw a softer side to her. She seems to be recovering from the divorce from her alcoholic husband for which her only child, Herman, is refusing to speak with her. Our unknown lady is strong, however, and this photo is her way of saying “&%$# you all. I’m going to New York to fulfill my dream of owning a haberdashery. No more will you hold me back.” Her name is Edna.

  3. Ah ha! That makes more sense. I wondered why this image kept floating around on the WKU Store’s camera. Perhaps a photo of someone’s great Aunt but she looks more like a pretentious author to me. This is where the fun part begins, writing her bio that will appear in her next classic work of fiction. “Clarice Fern-Sterling began her writing career at age 3…”

  4. Beware! She feeds at dusk!

  5. No, no. You have it all wrong. Her name is Wilhemina Banks Witherspoon. The Banks were an astute southern family with money. She fell in love with Robert Witherspoon while away at school. He was a fun loving kind of guy, not the traditional straight laced man her family would have chosen for her. His jovial attitude is what initially sparked the attraction, but eventually turned her against him. One too many, “Hey, Willy, what’s for dinner?” questions led to his demise. This photograph is the widow Witherspoon on the afternoon of the funeral. Her look says, “HA! Call me ‘Willy’ AGAIN you old coot!”

  6. Maribeth Schmitt

    Looks like Coco Chanel.


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